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Audience feedback
"200 participants were offered Mindool to vote and give feedback on pitches. Their engagment using smartphones was great."
Online Workshop
"Unlike any tool I know, Mindool has allowed more than 50 members to contribute towards our Strategic Plan wherever they are based."
Thomas Ohr
EU-Startups conference
Elaine Kelman
IFA President
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Collect and vote on supporting and opposing arguments on a topic.
Collect and vote on ideas related to a topic.
Compare options by collecting and voting their pros and cons.
Track your tasks by dragging them from "To Do" to "Done".
Collect pro & con arguments
Brainstorm on a topic
Compare multiple options
Work in a Kanban board

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Stop the chaos arising from email, workshops and social media in your group discussions!

You benefit from additional features needed to make communication with your groups even more effective.

Additional features include:

  • install on your own server for data security
  • use passwords and personalized invitations for privacy
  • use the scalability of Mindool to reach thousands
  • customized and get onsite support for your needs
  • deadlines and notifications